Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of IMI Co., Ltd.

IMI has established and implements the following policy on the protection of private information.

1. Compliance with Laws and Ordinances
When handling private information, IMI complies with laws concerning the protection of private information, other related laws and ordinances, and guidelines determined by relevant government ministries. IMI also adheres to the principles in this privacy policy to make sure it gathers, uses and controls such information legally.
2. Use within Scope of Purpose
When gathering private information, IMI clearly states the purpose of using the information to be gathered and will use the information only for that stated purpose of use.
3. Providing Private Information to Third Parties
Without the prior approval of the relevant user, IMI does not provide any private information in its possession to third parties other than the shared use indicated clearly when the information is gathered, with the exception of cases permitted by laws or ordinances.
4. Requests for Disclosure, Correction, Deletion of Private Information
Within the provisions of regulatory laws and ordinances, IMI responds immediately to all requests by individuals wishing to have their private information disclosed, corrected or deleted, or to halt presentation of products and services, as well as to complaints related to handling of private information.
5. Information Security Control Measures
IMI makes efforts to accurately maintain and control all private information in its possession and implements the required and proper security control measures to prevent any loss, leakage, transfer, unauthorized access, falsification, contamination, destruction, etc. of the information.
6. Internal Privacy Protection System
IMI has established an in-company system for protecting any private information it may possess and makes efforts toward continually maintaining and improving the system by preparing internal regulations and making them known to its employees.
7. Gathering of Website Access History Information
About Cookies
User access information recorded in our website logs may be automatically collected based on IP addresses, cookies, web beacons, and so on. The collected access information includes page browsing history, time on page, types and versions of browsers and operating systems, and referrers. This collected information is used mainly for understanding our website access conditions, finding and solving the causes of server problems, and controlling our sites and services better.
About Web Beacons
A web beacon is a tracking technique that functions together with cookies to track the number of times a user has accessed a given page. IMI does not use cookies and web beacons to identify users.

First Edition: January 1, 2008
Second Edition: April 25, 2012

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