Re-creation & History

10-Years Timer

IMI's History and Re-creation

Since its foundation, IMI has updated its vision every 10 years to make its products and services suitable for the times. To realize its vision, IMI has adapted a "scrap-and-rebuild" strategy to improve its importing, manufacturing, wholesaling, maintenance, rental, and education services, and re-created itself with progressive changes in company policy, organizational structure and executive personnel -- from the ground up -- regardless of past experience.

We do not allow our company to follow an unfavorable lifecycle of start-up, growth, maturity, decline, and bankruptcy. Instead, we re-create ourselves every 10 years by repeating our start-up and growth sequence to avoid transitioning into the stage of maturity.


  • The Fitfth Re-Creation Growth Preiod 2014-2023

    Transforming into a 'reliable CS(customer service) Platform company' that promptly provides cost-effective hands-on services so that the medical fields can create added values by utilizing medical equipments more effectively, safely, quickly, and economically

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