Who we are

An Exciting Medeical Company = IMI

Medical Exciting Company

At IMI, "exciting" means arousing an impression, thrill, stimulation, exhilaration, curiosity, and inspiration.
We are committed to providing satisfaction and receiving trust and support from medical institutions, our employees, business partners, and society by delivering high value-added services through a well-balanced platform, while creating a sustainable, growing company that delivers a feeling of excitement in medical care services.

  • Working for You

    With our motto
    "Working for You"

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  • 6 Standards of Value

    1. Working for You
    2. Intelligence Services

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  • Re-creation

    IMI has updated its vision every 10 years to make its products and services suitable for the times.

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  • Reliable Customer Service Platform company

    The most reliable platform for providing medical device services in Japan.

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