Every 10 years we update our vision, scrap and rebuild our mode of operation, and change the policy, structure and executives from the ground up in order to revitalize our products and services. We call this our "re-creation." We aim to stay young by repeating this cycle of renewal and regrowth.

Intelligence Services

Intelligence is the key concept that drove us to start the company. In order to deliver high value-added medical services to patients, we are determined to grow as a company specialized in providing information on maintenance, rental, and education services for medical devices.

Synchronization of Value Chains with Medical Institutions

We will keep down the prices of medical devices so that they can be promptly available to medical facilities and optimize the process of our service delivery to ensure safety, efficiency and reduced costs.

A Specialized Provider of Safety Services for High-tech Medical Devices

With our knowledge, skills and capabilities specialized in safety services for high-tech medical devices and our 40 years of experience working in medical practice, IMI promote in-house disclosure to prevent customer complaints from recurring.

Cash Flow Management

Since its foundation, IMI has conducted cash-flow management that generates cash through operation of its business without depending on loans. We aim to strengthen this cash-flow management to achieve safe and aggressive operation of a business that facilitates prompt investment.

An Exciting Company

We aim to create an exciting company that, no matter how much the market environment has changed, allows individual employees to set their own goals while working together to pursue exciting outcomes.

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