Maintenance Services

The longer medical devices are used or operated, the worse their performance gets. To obtain consistent treatment outcomes, it is necessary to keep the quality and performance of medical devices as good as new by performing periodic maintenance. IMI started Japan's first such maintenance services in 1979 and has since overturned the old idea of fixing things after they fail to ensuring patient safety by maintaining performance to prevent failures from happening. Our full-time service engineers provide speedy, quality-controlled maintenance to support the policies of medical institutions.

Ensure the required level of safety

In April of 2005, the law that had defined the safety management responsibilities of medical device manufacturers and marketers was revised and tightened, making these parties assume the same level of responsibility after shipping products as they did before shipping them.
Furthermore, the Medical Service Act and related laws concerning medical practice have changed to require even tighter maintenance management of medical devices.

  1. Prepare guidelines for safety management in medical practice
  2. Organize a committee for safety management in medical practice
  3. Provide employees with training programs for safety management in medical practice
  4. Take measures to ensure and promote safety in medical practice, such as self-reporting

Features of our maintenance services

We support medical institutions by providing solutions to problems in personnel, technology, and maintenance facilities.
To address the lack of medical personnel, we have distributed full-time service engineers all over Japan, and make them available to medical institutions as an aid for safety management.
We work to improve the skills of these service engineers by establishing a skill qualification system.
Our large maintenance facilities are about half the size of a football field and are used to conduct reliability tests using temperature and oil stresses under conditions mimicking the less-than-favorable environments in which medical devices are used by customers.
We also perform maintenance checks according to the safety management history using a field support system we developed.

Merits of IMI's maintenance services

01Creation of a safety management structure

The incidence of use: advance events will decrease with increased safety when using medical devices. Device reliability and longevity will be improved, enabling more economical use.

02Flexible range of options from which to choose to meet the needs of medical institutions

You can design a safe and economical maintenance plan by combining courses and options in a way that suits your institution's particular needs and conditions, such as device management procedures and the number of maintenance personnel.

03Full-time maintenance specialist service engineers

We provide accurate, reliable and consistent technical services, ranging from functional checks upon purchase and functional adjustments in hospitals

04Maintenance logs used to notify the next date of maintenance

After completing a contract with you, we register your medical devices in the maintenance registry and keep a log to record the history of maintenance and repairs. When the date of the next maintenance approaches, we inform you of the date of our next visit in advance. Maintenance and budget management become simpler.

05Budgetable costs of maintenance

Our menu of services include costs for backup devices during repairs and some of them can be incorporated into your budget planning. Budget planning for service costs becomes easier.

06Regular technical workshops

We hold annual technical workshops in eastern Japan (Saitama head office) and western Japan (Osaka customer service center). We also offer on-demand seminars designed for local customers at our customer service centers throughout Japan. Customers can attend seminar programs at their convenience.

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