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The most reliable platform for providing medical device services in Japan

The ongoing reform of the Japanese healthcare system is slowing the growth of medical costs and making the business environment more difficult for both medical institutions and the medical device industry. The key challenges are how to ensure medical safety, promote management efficiency, and increase the profits of medical institutions.
IMI has created a platform through which we provide solutions to these challenges and is aiming to become the most reliable company chosen by medical institutions and device manufacturers and dealers.

Japanese medical environment and medical institutions

Compared with other countries, Japan has a population that is aging rapidly, with fewer childbirths and medical costs that have been rising over the years.
Japan's medical setting is characterized by large numbers of hospitals and beds per population, long average hospital stays, high frequency of hospital visits, and small number of clinicians per patient population.
The Japanese government is working to improve the financial management and operations of medical institutions and enhance the safety of their practices.

Growing value of our service platform for medical devices in Japan

Our service platform, composed of safety management, sales, rental and maintenance, is intended to streamline delivery of services to improve efficiency and create added value.

Medical institutions, device manufacturers, and dealers can use our service platform as a function of their own structure.

Furthermore, we are developing local centers to facilitate the service platform to solve problems promptly after they occur in cooperation with medical staff through day-to-day communication with medical practitioners in clinical settings.

Merits of our service platform

The conventional method of just selling services to medical institutions is not enough to achieve sustainable trust from customers. Customers choose something that leads to solutions to their problems. Our service platform enables customers to choose from our five support services and use them in a sustainable manner. IMI's service platform is a system of service delivery through which customers can create value.

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