Rental Services

Although medical devices are indispensable for hospital operations, owning medical devices that are not used often can be a burden because of the need for maintenance inspections.
IMI's rental services greatly help medical institutions avoid risks in hospital management involving investment, operating rate, and safety management at reasonable rental fees calculated from the life-cycle costs of medical devices.

Inefficient management of hospitals in Japan

Due to their high-cost structure, public medical institutions had been suffering from increasing cumulative deficits making it difficult to survive without borrowing money. In 2007, the government took steps to help them rebuild their operations by setting operational benchmarks and numerical targets. The hospitals' efforts to reduce the burden on their operations have yielded some positive results, such as fewer days of average hospital stay, but also led to a decrease in the rate of patients using hospitals. Furthermore, the risk of medical errors in clinical care is unavoidable.
For sustainable operation of medical institutions, it is necessary to make investments to encourage patients to come more often and develop a structure to provide medical services that are safe and secure.

Features of Rental Service

IMI's Rental Services are designed for your medical institution to use, (rather than to own), medical devices only when and for how long you need them, along with the required maintenance services. Our Rental Services help reduce the risks of investment losses, operating rate reductions, and unsuccessful safety management while streamlining your hospital management.

Merits of IMI's Rental Services

  1. You can rent devices when and for how long you need them.
  2. Available at a reasonable rental fee without extra maintenance fees.
  3. Maintenance included. No risk of unexpected expenses.
  4. Diagnosis and treatment supported by the latest models and latest technologies.
  5. Health insurance income can be obtained even in the budget application stage.
  6. Requirements from individual departments can be managed. Easy to check the balance.
  7. Unlimited rental period and no purchase needed.

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